Monday, January 4, 2016

Blade and soul Guide: Profitable 5 Crafting Groups Recommendation

Here BadeSoulGold offers some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast level up in the game. There are 5 crafting groups were Recommended.

Gem Crafting: Crafting Item(Stones,Ornament,Ring / earring / necklace pouches (random stats when opened),Gem pouches (random stats when opened) gem crafting is to expensive to get a box and rng a diamond that can be evasion and be worthless crafting an attack diamond its just too expensive and hard to be worth soul wardens and pottery are great for commerce though and even if you craft the wind walk quest items you can earn much BNS gold and become rich.

Talisman Crafting: Crafting Item Nacre(Talisman ingredient)-Faint (not stun)- escape -talismans,Unsealing-talismans(for identifying items)-Resurrection talismans (for party members) do not spend much money on Talisman Crafting, maybe 50J enough ,please do not practic materials that need Spirit Stones when u began Talisman Crafting since Spirit Stones is not a cheap material

Merry Potters: Crafting Item {Water bottle (For collecting water from springs in instances: cooking, pottery, talisman, potion ingredient)-Pickax (For mining essences in instances: steel crafting, gem, bopae, pottery ingredient)-Dishes(Cooking ingredient)-Medicine bottle (Potion ingredient)-Paper (Talisman ingredient)- Purifying essence? (Weapon, gem, fusion bopae ingredient) You can craft Windstride quest items which are sell-able on the Auction House and they will bring you in a fair amount of profit as everyone will need them at some point while they are leveling their characters.

Bopae Crafting : Crafting Item Fusion Stones (used in bopae enhancement / fusion)-Bopae (w/o stats : used for leveling only)-Fusion bopae (bopae specialized for bopae enhancement / fusion  you can craft soul shield, they are designed to be fused to your main soul shields and give you additional specific stats, but since you lvl up fast and change soul shields very fast

Steel Crafting: Crafting Item Repair kits,Emergency repair kits,Ingots,Weapons.did not spend much money on Steel Crafting,then can earn blade and soul gold. All done repair hammer when practice especially 16-20lvl 36-39lvl this level of hammers are more expensive, it is recommended pick other items to practice when can not add experience.

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