Monday, January 25, 2016

A Real Problem While Leveling in Blade and Soul

Quests give a penitence, and mobs dont really drop trash awards any kind of cash at all. Nothing gives you Blade & Soul gold, like almost nothing awards you any substantial amounts of cash. So you start to hit areas where, you are asked to craft! because hey that sounds cool!

Then you start to notice you have no copper left suddenly... and it all sort of accumulates into a disaster. Everything in game costs copper/silver/bns gold, and game is ULTRA stingy about giving it to you, further they made many professions utterly pointless for making cash, as they give out those SAME items like candy. Dumplings and Potions?

So leaves you with the ultimate do you earn enough cash to sustain your self? the answer is Ceramics... and grinding quartz as its ONLY reliable way to really earn enough cash to keep going. You could farm weapons OPPS sorry those are untradable.

I think the problem is pretty self-explanatory, sitting at level 30 and cant afford the bell because game just isn't giving me any cash... and its been a problem since level 10 or so... i don't understand how they expect us to craft and do the things we need to do... its like they WANT us to buy Blade and Soul gold or something..

Vendor Items 5-10 silver at level 1
Cost to retrieve items from mail: around 1-1.5 silver
Average Reward for level 30 quest: 10-20 copper
Average Reward for Story Quest: around 5 silver

Especially when you realize not all of the breakthrough items are tradeable, Deva weapons for example CANT be traded. i'm usually pretty good at finding a decent source of cash but in this game? i'm not at 0 or anything but i notice my cash flow barely moves.  I don't know i just feel like game is super stingy with its cash, and are so many sinks its impossible for anyone not playing 24/7 to really earn a living.

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