Thursday, December 31, 2015

NBA 2K16 Tips: How to Rep Up Quickly(I)

In My Park mode, you can take your MyPLAYER character online and join one of three MyPARK communities: Rivet City, Old Town and Sunset Beach. Each community has their own special ability boost.

Here NBA2K16STORE will show you the tips how to rep up quickly in NBA 2K16 My Park:
1.The dribble up 3pt shot(especially early in the clock) is the dumbest shot in the game. All 3pt shots should come from a pass or from a dribble move and break away from a defender. Even if you are wide open, and a 3pt specialist, and your 3pt shot is lvl 99, its still a low percentage shot. Id say about 10% as i notice( for players 80+ its lower for you lvl 72 scrubs). Then most of the time when someone actually makes 1 they try 4 more and never make any of them.

2. dont heat check. This istn real life, ur not "feeling it." You are not kobe. The game has very set parameters when it wont allow you to score. Heat checking usually does nothing but make you go cold. You cannot "will it" in. You should have noticed this after about 3 games. Stop smoking crack.

3. Theres a thing called the shot clock. Its 24 seconds. WE dont have to shoot in the first 5 seconds. This is called basketball. Welcome friend.

4. ties into 3. when you are the pg and you bring the ball down teh floor, stop at the top of the key. All you fools are more concerned with your dribble moves than you are actually looking at the floor. You dont have to run straight into the paint(usually right into all of the defenders because hes not looking at anything) right when you pass half court every time. you should get in the habbit of holding R1 while you walk down the floor so your icons to pass are already up. For me most times im pressing R1 before the camera even swings around so im ready to pass to someone whos open.

5.When you are the pg and you bring the ball down teh floor LOOK AT YOUR TEAM AND THE DEFENDERS NOT YOUR DUMBASS CROSSOVER MOVE. The most common mistake you all make is to do a crossover every single time, routinely. As the game goes on, the more dribble moves you do the more likely you are to get stripped at some point. The game is keeping track of how many dribble moves you are doing.

Aside from that most of the times if you just look where you are going and look for the defenders you can just walk away from tehm and avoid getting stripped. Also dribble moves make your dude tired. And they are NOT needed at halfcourt on every single possession. The number of your nba 2k 16 mt doing this crossover at half court with no defender near you astonishes me.

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