Sunday, January 3, 2016

5 Cheap Good EPL Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

Here is a list of the five best cheap goalkeepers from the English Premier League in FIFA 16 Coins.

1. Michel Vorm
Age 31,Netherlands
Taking his overall rating of 80 into consideration, you probably won’t expect much. But chances are that you will be surprised. He’s a real shot stopper and is quick of his line. He’s pretty good in the one on one situation. While he’s not as good as some keepers in collecting crosses, he’s not bad at it either.

2. David Ospina
Age 27, Arsenal,Colombia
This goalkeeper is always strong in the FIFA Ultimate Team. Many FIFA 16 fans consider this rating in a little bit underrated because he did well with Arsenal last season and particularly well withColombiain CopaAmerica. But Ospina is very slow, and sometimes there is no enough speed to intercept. Despite the downside, he’s still good.

3. Tim Krul
Age 27, Newcastle Utd,Netherlands
Here is another Dutch footballer on the list. He’s such a solid keeper that he’s actually deserves a rating of more than 79. He’s definitely one of the most underrated keepers in the Premier League. The 27-year-old always clearly jumps out to intercept and calmly dealt with the most dangerous moments.

4. Ben Foster
Age 32, West Brom,England
Ben Foster is a wonderful keeper from the West Bromwich Albion. He’s a good choice for starter keeper because of the long throw trait. He’s non rare and therefore cheap.

5. Maarten Stekelenburg
Age 33, Southampton,Netherlands
He was the best goalkeeper at the World Cup 2010 and was rated 85 in FIFA 12. He can be an amazing keeper in the game and save many. In FIFA Coins, his stats look pretty decent for a 77 rated player.

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