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Trusted website to buy wildstar gold

In WildStar, the amount of gold you have directly corresponds to how much you can achieve within the game. You can buy gear and equipment which instantly improves your stats, making game play easier as well as ensuring you overpower other players and creatures. Gold can be earned in-game by completing quests, crafting, gathering, etc. However, this can be quite time consuming, and you may find that it is more worthwhile to buy gold than it is to invest time and effort into earning the wildstar gold yourself.

Numerous websites sell in-game gold, and do so by farming gold within WildStar,then transferring the amount of gold you choose to purchase to your character. Of course, the amount of money you spend determines how much gold you receive within the game. These websites vary as to how much gold you get for your money, so it is important to browse around to find out which websites offer the best deal.

Some websites advertise this service but actually intend to take your money without sending gold. It is extremely important to make sure the website you choose to purchase gold through is a trusted website with many customers and great reviews. A good rule of thumb is: if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Below are a few trustworthy websites which offer fair amounts of gold for good prices. is one such website, offering anywhere from ten to 800 gold, depending on how much you're willing to spend. Not only do they have excellent feedback from previous customers, they offer 24/7 customer support via chat. They accept a wide variety of payment methods. The time it takes to receive the gold in-game ranges between 15 and 30 minutes. also has great reviews, fast service and 24/7 customer support by chat, email or phone. They also accept several different currencies and payment methods. However, 100 gold is the maximum amount you can purchase per order, If you wish to purchase more, you may find it easier to buy it in bulk on another website rather than placing numerous orders. offers the same reliability, with excellent testimonials from customers and live chat support. While the gold may take a little longer to receive, up to an hour after an order is placed, the low prices make this website a great option for buying wildstar gold online.

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Using a successful WildStar Power leveling guides

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In WildStar, as well as in many other MMO games, users have the ability to build a character that they can control through their playing session. These kinds of characters can come in an active, persistent globe environment. Characters can level from 1 to 50. Gameplay mostly is made of quests, dungeons, and PVP combat.

Power leveling is a expression meant to describe the procedure of leveling a fictional character as fast as possible using the bare minimum of play duration. It can be utilized from any type of level up towards the optimum level in the online game which is presently 50. Contrary to what numerous accept, successful power leveling does not require endless hours of grinding.

Using a successful wildstar leveling guide you can easily reach your planned level in the shortest time. As WildStar gamers, we understand how horrible performing power level is. Thats why we devote to present the most effective leveling guides to help you level a character rapidly and conveniently.

So your character will be leveled working with a leveling guide that can assist thousands of players reached their planned levels at their selected time.

Also understand that to select the best Wildstar Power leveling guide provider is extremely important.

Level Up Fast in Wildstar

WildStar has released for 5 day, there are lots of player have arrived ar 50 level, and most of player still work hard to level up alone. To meet many players requirement, we summarized this article to help people who want to level up fast. Good luck!
Do World Stroy, Zone Story, Region Event
Same to other online game, there are lots of methods we can get plentiful experience to upgrade. For example, the Quest, Dungeon and PvP area. However, in Wildstar you just doing main quest such as World Story lines, Zone Story lines and Region Event would is the fastest way! To ignore the paths, crafting, challenges which would occupy all of your time. We all know, the dungeon challenge is not easy for player solo, even though the groups! Meanwhile, the Paths, Crafting and Challenges you can complete it once you are 50 level! In the end, before you start your adventure, the Dominion/ Exile Zone Maps would help you quickly go where you need go.

Join Guild to challenge PvP Mode
The experience gained in PvP is amazing when you are between level 10-19. While, you would spend lots of time on queue. In addition that you wouldn’t get anything as long as you are failure. So, you would better join the guild to challenge PvP with your excellent partner.
Build House to increase XP by 5% or 10%
After we get to level 14, we can buy a house for the hero which can increase experience by 5% or 10%. In the Wildstar, Housing system is the most important part! No only it would give yuo a 24h buff, boosting your experience gained in group/solo/PvP content, but also once you hit level cap, logging off in your house gives you elder gem bonus.
Get Mount to save time
Level 15, you can active your mount in the main city. There is no doubt that Mount would save more time for you to run map. Of course, the mount would cost you 10 Wildstar Gold. You just sell everything what you unnecessary in your backpack to get gold or purchase form our store.
All of these suggestions are depending on my personal experience, if you disagree with what i say, please leave your message here. The discussion and question can make us enjoy the game more.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Wildstar is coming

Wildstar is coming. We know there are eight races split fairly into two factions: the Dominion and the Exiles. Each race has got their unique figures, tall or short, pretty or horrible. Each race has their exclusive talents too. When we choose a race, we mainly choose from the two aspects: talents and look. And the classes it can be should be taken into account too. Cassian Faction: the Dominion Talents: wealthy, disciplined, superior Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger, esper, engineer, medic Mechari Faction: the Dominion Talents: calculating, efficient, remorseless Classes: warrior, stalker, engineer, medic Draken Faction: the Dominion Talents: badass, savage, bloodthirsty Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger Chua Faction: the Dominion Talents: tiny, brilliant, sociopathic Classes: spellslinger, esper, engineer, medic Human Faction: the Exiles Talents: outcasts, renegades, scruffy Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger, esper, engineer, medic Granok Faction: the Exiles Talents: rock-skinned, fearless, hung over Classes: warrior, engineer, medic Aurin Faction: the Exiles Talents: small, scrappy, tree-hugging Classes: stalker, spellslinger, esper Mordesh Faction: the Exiles Talents: intellectual, morose, decomposing Classes: warrior, stalker, spellslinger, engineer, medic Now that you know each race, you must have an idea which one you will choose. Think over it because you can't change your race once the game is launched. If you don't have much time, you can buy cheap WildStar power leveling from

Explorer and Settler Introduction


The path of explorer is full of challenge, if you have experienced GW2 you would know the Happy Jump. Well, if you fall in love with jumping, to chose this patch would be your great choice! The task of Explorer in Wildstar is completing all kinds of quest in all around the world through different highly difficult jump. As you can see in this picture, this is the primary jump quest. More difficult latterly.


The Skills of Explore

Explorer's safe fall (1 minute CD): Reduces falling damage by 15+%. Damage reduction increases by leveling path.
Air Brakes (30 seconds CD): Makes you jump again in mid air, hopefully preventing you from hitting the ground hard. Cooldown decreases by leveling path.
Translocate Beacon (60 seconds CD): Press once to place a beacon. Press again to teleport back to that beacon. Cooldown increases with distance and decreases by leveling path. Unavailable during PvP.

Settler would be the very popular in game, being a Settle is about collecting materials to build your supply base. The allies can acquire buff with 1 hour in your base, for example the bonus of increasing movement speed, attack damage, defensive power and so on. While, it need the Settle to collect materials to replenish time.

WildStar Settler

The skills of Settler

Settle's Campfire (60 minutes CD): allows you to set up a fire which increases healing and maximum health for an hour, need Patch level 4.
Summon: Mail Box (10 minutes CD): To summon a Mail Box, need Path level 5.
Summon: Vendbot (10 minutes CD): To summon a Robot for 60 seconds, need Path Level 6.
Summon: Ability Kiosk (20 minutes CD): To summon a Robot learn skill, which can reset AMP and purchase skills, need Path level 8.
Summon: Crafting Station (60 minutes CD): To summon a station to craft items, need Path level 23.

Scientist and Soldier Introduction

There are four Paths in WildStar, which are Explorer, Soldier, Scientist, Settler. After you chose the race and class, you can pick a path start your adventure in WildStar. Different path has different career, here we are glad to introduce these paths for you.First, we would like to introduce the scientist


The path about Scientist is special, after you chose it you can get a little robot as you can see in this picture. You can summon robot through clicking keyboard "G", as well as you can use this key to complete quest. The robot has life blood and would be killed by monster. You just take this robot to collect materials and repair some projects.

WildsStar Scientist

This Skills of Scientist

Holographic Distraction (25s CD): Dazzles the target with holographic imagery, reducing its awareness of enemies
Summon Group (60s CD): GIves all members of your group the option to teleport to your current location. They must be on the same continent as you. Cannot be used in combat. Cooldown is reduced if nobody uses the teleport.
Create Portal - capital city (2h CD): Opens a portal to the Capital City for the next 120.0s. You can back to the city through this portal.


The Soldier is the most easiest and violent in all paths, and it would take you less time. Usually, the Soldier just against attacks stand on. Or you can come to the designated area target enemies through keyboard “G”, and finish the quest of killing a certain number of enemies. This picture is illustrating a defensive stronghold.

WildStar Soldier

The Skills of Soldier

Back into the fray: To heal 75% HP and only out-of-the-battle use, need Path level 4
Bail out: allows to take you and your team to the safety supply base, which need your team accept. Most can transfer 40 people at the same time.
Combat Supply Drop: To summon a box with weapon for you and allies next to you. This weapon allows to use skills like stuns etc.

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What is Character Path

In WildStar,there are four character paths; the Soldier, the Scientist, the Explorer, and the Settler. Each path helps determine the reason a character has for being on Nexus, and it helps determine the sorts of adventures that character goes on.

Soldiers, as the name implies, are there to fight dangerous beasts and to shut down armed resistance.
Scientists are on Nexus to catalog and understand all of the flora and fauna the planet has to offer, no matter how dangerous it might be.
Explorers' jobs are to reach the most obscure locations and inaccessible places on the entire planet, and to deal with all the challenges along the way.
Settlers are there to help build towns, construct homes, and to provide all the things people need to make a defensible home on Nexus.

What is WildStar

WildStar is an upcoming fantasy/science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game that takes place on the fictional planet Nexus, where a mysterious and powerful race known as the Eldan has disappeared leaving behind a wealth of technology and secrets for players to explore.

WildStar is developed by Carbine Studios, published by NCSOFT and was unveiled on August 17, 2011 during Gamescom.

The game was first set to be released in 2013 Q4, but was later delayed to June 3, 2014. WildStar gives players two methods of paying for the game, following the initial purchase. The first being a monthly subscription, giving the player 30 days of game time. The second method allows players to purchase an in-game item which grants 30 days of playtime, but is able to be traded to other players for in-game currency.