Monday, January 25, 2016

A Real Problem While Leveling in Blade and Soul

Quests give a penitence, and mobs dont really drop trash awards any kind of cash at all. Nothing gives you Blade & Soul gold, like almost nothing awards you any substantial amounts of cash. So you start to hit areas where, you are asked to craft! because hey that sounds cool!

Then you start to notice you have no copper left suddenly... and it all sort of accumulates into a disaster. Everything in game costs copper/silver/bns gold, and game is ULTRA stingy about giving it to you, further they made many professions utterly pointless for making cash, as they give out those SAME items like candy. Dumplings and Potions?

So leaves you with the ultimate do you earn enough cash to sustain your self? the answer is Ceramics... and grinding quartz as its ONLY reliable way to really earn enough cash to keep going. You could farm weapons OPPS sorry those are untradable.

I think the problem is pretty self-explanatory, sitting at level 30 and cant afford the bell because game just isn't giving me any cash... and its been a problem since level 10 or so... i don't understand how they expect us to craft and do the things we need to do... its like they WANT us to buy Blade and Soul gold or something..

Vendor Items 5-10 silver at level 1
Cost to retrieve items from mail: around 1-1.5 silver
Average Reward for level 30 quest: 10-20 copper
Average Reward for Story Quest: around 5 silver

Especially when you realize not all of the breakthrough items are tradeable, Deva weapons for example CANT be traded. i'm usually pretty good at finding a decent source of cash but in this game? i'm not at 0 or anything but i notice my cash flow barely moves.  I don't know i just feel like game is super stingy with its cash, and are so many sinks its impossible for anyone not playing 24/7 to really earn a living.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Blade & Soul Soul Guide: Great Power behind the Martial Artists

The power can be converted into attack and defense abilities and a variety of properties. In Blade & Soul, the martial artists gain power from the elements in the surrounding environment through their bns gold, training and meditation.

The Soul Shield is simply one of the Blade & Soul items. In addition to weapons and accessories, the Soul Shield is also an important item for a game character. Your Soul Shield consists of eight pieces, each piece with the ability to increase the power. If you collect and use 3, 5, or all 8 pieces as a set, then there will be bonuses. A set of Soul Shield is worth collecting. As long as the name is the same, the pieces are considered a set regardless of the level. Therefore, you don’t have to collect pieces of the same level to have a set.

Martial artists don’t use armor for protection. Instead, they make use of training, meditation and the surrounding elements. Despite the absence of armor, your Soul Shield will do a good job of enhancing your offensive and defensive abilities. Characters are required to be clothed to activate their blade and soul gold.

Your Soul Shield is made up of eight individual pieces, each angled in a specific direction around it. Throughout your adventures you’ll collect the pieces that can be used in your Soul Shield, which then increase your performance. Each piece is also a part of a set, and additional bonuses can be gained by using 3, 5, or all 8 pieces of a set—which also allows 3 and 5 piece choices of different sets to be mixed and matched.

It should also be stated that, while attacking without any clothing on can be an imposing sight for your enemy, it’s required that you be clothed for your Soul Shield to be active. The most powerful and versatile martial artists seek out Soul Shield pieces, and attempt to complete each of the sets in their entirety.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Blade & Soul General FAQ

Here BladeSoulGold offer some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast level up in the game.

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What is Blade & Soul?
Blade & Soul is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) by Korean game development studio, Team Bloodlust and is published by NCSOFT.

Is there an official site for Blade & Soul's Western version?
You can find the official Blade & Soul West site here.

What is Blade & Soul Gold's release date?
The North American and European versions are currently set to be released on January 19th, 2016. Head Start for founder's pack owners will begin at 10:00am PST on January 15th, 2016, and name reservations for Disciple and Master pack owners will begin on January 11th, 2016.

The game has already been officially released in the following regions:
Korea: June 30, 2012
China: November 28, 2013
Japan: May 20, 2014
Taiwan: November 20, 2014

Blade and soul Guide: Profitable 5 Crafting Groups Recommendation

Here BadeSoulGold offers some tips and tricks which will hopefully help you fast level up in the game. There are 5 crafting groups were Recommended.

Gem Crafting: Crafting Item(Stones,Ornament,Ring / earring / necklace pouches (random stats when opened),Gem pouches (random stats when opened) gem crafting is to expensive to get a box and rng a diamond that can be evasion and be worthless crafting an attack diamond its just too expensive and hard to be worth soul wardens and pottery are great for commerce though and even if you craft the wind walk quest items you can earn much BNS gold and become rich.

Talisman Crafting: Crafting Item Nacre(Talisman ingredient)-Faint (not stun)- escape -talismans,Unsealing-talismans(for identifying items)-Resurrection talismans (for party members) do not spend much money on Talisman Crafting, maybe 50J enough ,please do not practic materials that need Spirit Stones when u began Talisman Crafting since Spirit Stones is not a cheap material

Merry Potters: Crafting Item {Water bottle (For collecting water from springs in instances: cooking, pottery, talisman, potion ingredient)-Pickax (For mining essences in instances: steel crafting, gem, bopae, pottery ingredient)-Dishes(Cooking ingredient)-Medicine bottle (Potion ingredient)-Paper (Talisman ingredient)- Purifying essence? (Weapon, gem, fusion bopae ingredient) You can craft Windstride quest items which are sell-able on the Auction House and they will bring you in a fair amount of profit as everyone will need them at some point while they are leveling their characters.

Bopae Crafting : Crafting Item Fusion Stones (used in bopae enhancement / fusion)-Bopae (w/o stats : used for leveling only)-Fusion bopae (bopae specialized for bopae enhancement / fusion  you can craft soul shield, they are designed to be fused to your main soul shields and give you additional specific stats, but since you lvl up fast and change soul shields very fast

Steel Crafting: Crafting Item Repair kits,Emergency repair kits,Ingots,Weapons.did not spend much money on Steel Crafting,then can earn blade and soul gold. All done repair hammer when practice especially 16-20lvl 36-39lvl this level of hammers are more expensive, it is recommended pick other items to practice when can not add experience.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

5 Cheap Good EPL Goalkeepers in FIFA 16

Here is a list of the five best cheap goalkeepers from the English Premier League in FIFA 16 Coins.

1. Michel Vorm
Age 31,Netherlands
Taking his overall rating of 80 into consideration, you probably won’t expect much. But chances are that you will be surprised. He’s a real shot stopper and is quick of his line. He’s pretty good in the one on one situation. While he’s not as good as some keepers in collecting crosses, he’s not bad at it either.

2. David Ospina
Age 27, Arsenal,Colombia
This goalkeeper is always strong in the FIFA Ultimate Team. Many FIFA 16 fans consider this rating in a little bit underrated because he did well with Arsenal last season and particularly well withColombiain CopaAmerica. But Ospina is very slow, and sometimes there is no enough speed to intercept. Despite the downside, he’s still good.

3. Tim Krul
Age 27, Newcastle Utd,Netherlands
Here is another Dutch footballer on the list. He’s such a solid keeper that he’s actually deserves a rating of more than 79. He’s definitely one of the most underrated keepers in the Premier League. The 27-year-old always clearly jumps out to intercept and calmly dealt with the most dangerous moments.

4. Ben Foster
Age 32, West Brom,England
Ben Foster is a wonderful keeper from the West Bromwich Albion. He’s a good choice for starter keeper because of the long throw trait. He’s non rare and therefore cheap.

5. Maarten Stekelenburg
Age 33, Southampton,Netherlands
He was the best goalkeeper at the World Cup 2010 and was rated 85 in FIFA 12. He can be an amazing keeper in the game and save many. In FIFA Coins, his stats look pretty decent for a 77 rated player.