Thursday, December 31, 2015

NBA 2K16 Tips: How to Rep Up Quickly(I)

In My Park mode, you can take your MyPLAYER character online and join one of three MyPARK communities: Rivet City, Old Town and Sunset Beach. Each community has their own special ability boost.

Here NBA2K16STORE will show you the tips how to rep up quickly in NBA 2K16 My Park:
1.The dribble up 3pt shot(especially early in the clock) is the dumbest shot in the game. All 3pt shots should come from a pass or from a dribble move and break away from a defender. Even if you are wide open, and a 3pt specialist, and your 3pt shot is lvl 99, its still a low percentage shot. Id say about 10% as i notice( for players 80+ its lower for you lvl 72 scrubs). Then most of the time when someone actually makes 1 they try 4 more and never make any of them.

2. dont heat check. This istn real life, ur not "feeling it." You are not kobe. The game has very set parameters when it wont allow you to score. Heat checking usually does nothing but make you go cold. You cannot "will it" in. You should have noticed this after about 3 games. Stop smoking crack.

3. Theres a thing called the shot clock. Its 24 seconds. WE dont have to shoot in the first 5 seconds. This is called basketball. Welcome friend.

4. ties into 3. when you are the pg and you bring the ball down teh floor, stop at the top of the key. All you fools are more concerned with your dribble moves than you are actually looking at the floor. You dont have to run straight into the paint(usually right into all of the defenders because hes not looking at anything) right when you pass half court every time. you should get in the habbit of holding R1 while you walk down the floor so your icons to pass are already up. For me most times im pressing R1 before the camera even swings around so im ready to pass to someone whos open.

5.When you are the pg and you bring the ball down teh floor LOOK AT YOUR TEAM AND THE DEFENDERS NOT YOUR DUMBASS CROSSOVER MOVE. The most common mistake you all make is to do a crossover every single time, routinely. As the game goes on, the more dribble moves you do the more likely you are to get stripped at some point. The game is keeping track of how many dribble moves you are doing.

Aside from that most of the times if you just look where you are going and look for the defenders you can just walk away from tehm and avoid getting stripped. Also dribble moves make your dude tired. And they are NOT needed at halfcourt on every single possession. The number of your nba 2k 16 mt doing this crossover at half court with no defender near you astonishes me.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Blade & Soul Founder's Packs: RU Version VS NA Version

I intend to not compare the bns gold price because the market is very different. Let's focus on the rewards. Blade & Soul is coming to Russia and will be published by Innova. The Russian version has also got its Founder's Packs and I think it's worth doing a comparison for the RU version and NA/EU version.
So generally the packs of the 2 versions give very similar rewards. There are some differences though, that the Russian version give accessories (only for the Guru Pack) and gems that directly enhance players' combat power while the NA/EU version give convenient items such as potions, food, repair tools.
Besides, the RU version offers higher level of premium bonus. Things can the NA/EU version has but the RU version doesn't include the voucher to reset your character's appearance, extra character slots, name reservation slots, etc.

So if you ask me which version I prefer, I'd say I like the Russian version if I'm going to purchase a pack because it gives you gear and gems that boost your stats at the beginning.
But from the standpoint of average players who are not going to purchase any packs, they probably think the NA version is better because the rewards are mostly convenient items and cosmetics of Blade & Soul Gold.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Psychological Quality Analysis in FIFA 16

Shortcut to buy fifa  coins is also a good way. In the following I'd like to share with you some skills of psychological quality in the fifa 16 game. 
Aggression is one of the elements. It determines role-player's enthusiasm in defensive and the rate of success in getting the header. Generally speaking, defensive role-player in fifa 16 are more aggressive with intense movement and take more advantages in header ball. Role-player with higher physical strength had the same superiority. Here are some of the top Aggression players: Baena 93, J. Jones, Pepe 94, S. Lenhart 94, K. Waston 94.
Interceptions is another factor. With higher interceptions value, the role-player would be more motivated to intercept the ball under the circumstance of non-manual control and without command. Players in the fifa 16 game with top ability of Interceptions are Thiago Silva 91, M. Hummels 91、J. Mascherano 92, P. Lahm, Naldo 93.
Positioning in fifa 16 shows whether role-player choose the right position in reason. In the case of higher positioning, the role-player could be easier and more quickly to run to the position. Positioning also has influence on the place when facing mis-kick and tip-in. Player of top Positioning value are S. Agüero, L. Messi 90, Tévez, L. Suárez 91, Cristiano Ronaldo 93, T. Müller 94.
In the fifa 16 game Vision is an important part. Whether in the situation of unconventional actions or facing defenders, role-player with higher vision value can also make a exactly pass of the ball. Value of vision affects the value of short-pass and long-pass. The following are some of the top Vision ability for you to play with: F. Totti, L. Messi 90, Iniesta 92, M. ?zil 92, Cesc Fàbregas 93, David Silva 93, A.Pirlo 94.
Higher value of Penalties results in higher penalty accuracy in fifa 16. The fifa coins online also benefits you a lot. Players of top Penalties ability are F. Totti 90, T. Simons 90, L. Baines 90, T. Müller 90, Z. Ibrahimovic 91, N. Ortigoza 91, David Villa 92, M. Balotelli 92, R. Lambert 96.
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Monday, December 7, 2015

The Reason to Play FIFA 16

Here is just some news of the game FIFA 16 and famous players. Those need the cheapest cheap fifa coins can also come here!  Success is not an easy thing,so you must conquer yourself and come over any difficulties in the way to success. 

Last week, EA SPORTS invited Sergio Agüero to the exhibition of Pitch to Pixel in National Football Museum, Manchester, England. During the exhibition, Aguero played the game FIFA 16 with a member of Junior Citizen, who is also a FIFA 16 game championship. After the game Agüero visited the 3D printing of his model that made from scanning his face in EA SPORTS FIFA. 

Aguero was very happy to play with the guy. Not accustomed to those handles, Agüero still won the game with score 2:1. As for the young guy, he is just one of the FIFA 16 game fans and was very nervous to see Agüero and play with him in person. It might also be a surprising opportunity for him. 

Although there would be many matches to face in the following, it is still a happy thing that Manchester City topped the list for the time being. This is a battle for a long time. All the players need to maintain their current status, and show their best in the league and the Champions League. Besides, everyone needs to be careful, since FIFA 16 lose would bring more pressure. 

When it comes to Agüero's injury, he said that is was not so serious. He could also maintain a good physique during recuperation. His goal is Liverpoo. Each match is not the same. So he need to restore his status, both mentally and physically. As long as feelings is in good shape, he can score. But sometimes it is not the goal that matters, but the whole team win. 
Here is for you the further FIFA information, the competition’s match schedule, details of previous FIFA Club World Cups. This is just a little part of FIFA 16 Coins news.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Best Cheap BPL Squad Builder of FIFA 16

The BPL is the most famouns league in the world, and more fans are watched the match by the TV or in the court. If there is a chance for you to build a team, how to do it? Do not worry about that, here we will tell you how to build cheap BPL squad without fifa 16 coins or with little coins.

Today we are starting our best cheapsquad builder series with the BPL league. This is absolutely fantastic strong and powerful in defense creative midfielders, and extremely efficient and overpowered attackers.

The goalkeeper that I picked is Pantilimon, goalkeepers are already overpowered this year, he's very tall, great against crosses and corners and also his reflexes aren't bad at all. Move now to our center back, Mbemba and Gabriel, these two are incredible the best cheap centre-backs in the big deal without any question,fast strong, no need to spend more coins when you can have these two basing in your team.

On the left side of the defense, we have Holebas,84 pace, 81 physical which is incredible for a full back. Attackers won't be able to outpace or push him away.

Our only non rare fut 16 coins gold card fromthe team is the right back who also has very good stats were almost 80 at pace and nice defensive stats.