Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Psychological Quality Analysis in FIFA 16

Shortcut to buy fifa  coins is also a good way. In the following I'd like to share with you some skills of psychological quality in the fifa 16 game. 
Aggression is one of the elements. It determines role-player's enthusiasm in defensive and the rate of success in getting the header. Generally speaking, defensive role-player in fifa 16 are more aggressive with intense movement and take more advantages in header ball. Role-player with higher physical strength had the same superiority. Here are some of the top Aggression players: Baena 93, J. Jones, Pepe 94, S. Lenhart 94, K. Waston 94.
Interceptions is another factor. With higher interceptions value, the role-player would be more motivated to intercept the ball under the circumstance of non-manual control and without command. Players in the fifa 16 game with top ability of Interceptions are Thiago Silva 91, M. Hummels 91、J. Mascherano 92, P. Lahm, Naldo 93.
Positioning in fifa 16 shows whether role-player choose the right position in reason. In the case of higher positioning, the role-player could be easier and more quickly to run to the position. Positioning also has influence on the place when facing mis-kick and tip-in. Player of top Positioning value are S. Agüero, L. Messi 90, Tévez, L. Suárez 91, Cristiano Ronaldo 93, T. Müller 94.
In the fifa 16 game Vision is an important part. Whether in the situation of unconventional actions or facing defenders, role-player with higher vision value can also make a exactly pass of the ball. Value of vision affects the value of short-pass and long-pass. The following are some of the top Vision ability for you to play with: F. Totti, L. Messi 90, Iniesta 92, M. ?zil 92, Cesc Fàbregas 93, David Silva 93, A.Pirlo 94.
Higher value of Penalties results in higher penalty accuracy in fifa 16. The fifa coins online also benefits you a lot. Players of top Penalties ability are F. Totti 90, T. Simons 90, L. Baines 90, T. Müller 90, Z. Ibrahimovic 91, N. Ortigoza 91, David Villa 92, M. Balotelli 92, R. Lambert 96.
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